Fleet Maintenance

All vehicles are to have fully operational speedometer gauges for the purpose of maintaining a regular service schedule.

Each vehicle is to be issued with a defect list where in all problems on the vehicle are to be recorded by the responsible driver, complete with vehicle details including registration number, Make/Model and km reading. This defect list must be handed in at our workshop to the responsible person when the vehicle is due for service.

Further problems and defects found on vehicle while service is being performed will be reported to the customer. The customer will therefore be responsible for giving the go-ahead for the additional repairs to be done on the vehicle. No additional work will commence without a valid order number or a verbal go-ahead from the customer.

A daily inspection form will be issued to each driver wherein all daily checks are to complete. This includes engine oil and water levels, tyre conditions and pressures. Brake and clutch fluid levels, operation of lights, gauges etc.